Land Title Services

At ALTS, we know the meaning of safe and precise land titles in real estate dealings. We work with a devoted emphasis on fineness and exactness. We offer a complete set of title services custom-made to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Our Facilities

  • Title Search and Inspection: Our specialists conduct full title searches and inspections. This safeguards the possession’s past whether free from any burdens, liens, or disputes. It provides you with a clear understanding of the title’s status.
  • Title Insurance: Defend your asset with our inclusive title insurance solutions. We alleviate dangers related to potential title flaws, protect your property rights and provide peace of mind through the transaction procedure.
  • Closings and Escrow Services: ALTS rationalizes the closing process, offering well-organized and safe escrow services. Our team ensures all essential IDs are ready and managed exactly, easing a smooth and timely closing.
  • Property Reports and Certification: From property reviews to full reports, we offer complete certification services to support knowledgeable decision-making for purchasers, vendors, moneylenders, and real estate specialists.

Why Select ALTS?

  • Knowhow: With years of industry knowledge, our team includes experienced specialists knowledgeable in the difficulties of land title dealings. We leverage our expertise to bring precise, dependable, and timely services.
  • Correctness and Dependability: At ALTS, correctness is our seal. We conduct full inquiries and checks to offer our trade consistent data vital for their real estate dealings.
  • Client-Centric Way: We prioritise our purchaser’s requirements, and donate personalised amenities and direct through the title process. Our capacity for brilliant client service sets us apart.
  • Technology-Driven Keys: Implementing front-line technology, we serve forward systems to advance ability and accuracy in our title services, preserving combined data for our patrons.

Involve with us and see the difference with ALTS – your trusted partner for all land title needs. Contact us now to learn more about how we can back you in preserving your property transactions.


Q: Why are land title services vital?

A: They start and check permissible tenure civil rights to a possession. They assist in identifying any latent matters which could move the ownership of the land. A clear title is indispensable for real estate contacts and fortifying backing.

Q: What is a title search in land title services?

A: A title search scrutinizes civic archives to regulate the antiquity of ownership. It aids in recognizing any latent matters that may move the handover of ownership. 

Q: What is title insurance?

A: Title insurance guards contrary to fiscal loss owing to title faults matters. It offers reporting for any entitlements or losses that may arise. 

Q: What is a property survey?

A: A property survey measures the possession’s limitations, corporeal landscapes, and enhancements. It aids in regulating the meticulous extent, figure, and place of the land. This guarantees that there are no frontier disagreements or violations. 

Q: What are escrow services in land title services?

A: Escrow services are fair field and running of reserves, papers, and commands. This guarantees all situations and necessities are comprehensive before spending reserves.

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